manuelromeu-1200MANUEL ROMEU, S.L. We are a company established in 1973 with 100% Valencian capital.

Pioneer in the Valencian Community in the use of plastic materials, adapted to the new industrial production processes to avoid corrosion and improve the development of manufactured products with specific technical properties.

Our company carries out the evaluation, design, calculation and development of installation and maintenance projects in the chemical, galvanic, agro-food, ceramic and environmental industries, for the handling of products such as corrosive liquids, solvents and additives. All this in thermoplastic materials such as Polypropylene (PP), PVC, PVDF, Polyethylene (PE), in small and large diameters.

We manufacture a complete range of plastic tanks of varying capacities, from 1000 l to 30.000l, in thermoplastic materials suitable for both general and industrial use, being able to withstand highly corrosive products.

We make any container (vats, drums,etc.) adapted to the customer's needs , as well as the machining and manufacture of special parts in technical plastics such as polyamides (PA), Teflon (PTFE), Arnite, Methacrylate Polycarbonate (PC), PET and Polyurethane.

We perform aerial, surface or buried installations with their corresponding supports, connection lines, reservoirs, pumps, valves, accessories and complementary elements for their completion (probes, flow meters, levels, etc.)
Thanks to our broad experience in the sector, we can offer solutions to problems arising from handling, loading, unloading, storage and packaging, as well as for the capture and elimination of gases and wastes generated in their production processes.

Our years of experience allow us to offer solutions to the problem of both odors and noise generated by the WWTP which affect the population centers close to them.
Among our lines of activity we can highlight the complete installations of aspiration, gases scrubbing (deodorization, washing, neutralized) and treatment of liquids.
MANUEL ROMEU, S.L. as a specialized company in the sector, designs new projects for water purification and treatment plants, as well as performs the maintenance, adaptation and modification in existing facilities.

The deal with our clients occupies a very preferential position in our commercial relations. Trust, respect and professionalism are our most cultivated values.Guardar