Collection systems

There are certain cases in which it is necessary to install a gas collection system, either through hoods for localized sources or with piping systems and suction nozzles for environmental extractions.

We develop projects of environmental aspirations in thermoplastic materials (PP, PVC and PE) for treatment rooms where corrosive gases are produced and certain air renewal/hour is required.

We make adaptations of existing facilities to minimize the energy expenditure, which means a significant economic saving, focusing on the points of greatest concentration, thus reducing the cubic meters aspirated and power of the extractors which improves the environmental quality of the treated areas.

Our company designs, develops and manufactures all types of hoods (annular, suspended, adjustable, fixed) adapted to any type of machine or equipment.

Another elements:

  • Flexible Sockets
  • Choping Boards/ slides
  • Circular and Rectangular Collectors
  • Plastic ventilation grids
  • Chimeny Hoods
  • Sampling according to current regulations
  • Mounting accessories , both, injected and manipulated: reducers, elbows, tees, branches, sockets, flanges
  • Venting Butterfly valves in diameters up to 1000 mm manual and mechanically actuated