Gas scrubbing

One of the major problems in companies is the emanation of harmful and toxic gases into the atmosphere from their production processes, which need to be treated and disposed of to comply with current environmental regulations.
The emitted gases can be treated in various ways depending on the desired purpose, whether their removal, neutralization or recovery.
Our company offers, depending on the required purpose, absorption equipment (tower
scrubbers) or adsorption (active carbon filters).


The physicochemical principle is based on the dilution and subsequent absorption of the gas to be treated in a liquid medium, usually water, in both countercurrent and cross flow, which passes through the filling elements, which expose it to a large contact surface.

We have the following processes:

  • Ring configuration
  • Turbulent contact
  • Packing scrubber


  • Elimination of odors
    By chemical means, in one or several stages of washing, with countercurrent flow, and possibility of addition of chemical reagents.
  • NH3 stripping
    Recovery of NH3 in aqueous countercurrent solution by desorption of the washing liquid.
  • Neutralization and Oxidation of toxic gases(H2S, CL2, etc.)
    Process of neutralization in one or several stages, of toxic gases, by addition of reagents suitable to the characteristics of the gas flow to be treated. The most frequent reagents are usually sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and potassium permanganate.

For small flows, we have tower scrubbers that are installed at the foot of the chemical storage tanks to eliminate the odors that occur in the filling, with the possibility of recovering the washing liquid to the same tank, obtaining a Zero spill.


Adsorption is a process by which a solid, in this case active carbon, retains gaseous molecules in the pores of its structure.

Active carbon has a large specific surface and depending on its variants it is used to absorb different types of pollutants, from VOCs, gases from WWTP, acid gases, toxic, etc., with low loss of load and high efficiency.

Active carbon equipment is made of plastic materials, resistant to corrosion, easy to install, low maintenance cost and very effective for the control of unwanted odors.

We have equipment of small size suitable for low flows, with interchangeable panels of easy substitution.