Industrial Vats

 Tailored to customers needs

Manufactured in various technical plastics such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, PET,
PVDF, Methacrylate and electroconductive materials PE-el and PP-el.
Available in any type of configuration, dimension, capacity, shape and with auxiliary elements,
being able to adapt to each particular case and needs of the client.
Constructed by continuous extrusion and polyfusion processes, with metallic reinforcements
lined with closed plastic profiles to avoid corrosion or made with Paneltim panels of high rigidity
and high mechanical resistance that avoids the use of metallic reinforcing materials.

Starting from a basic structure of rectangular or square storage vat with flat bottom and
structural elements of perimeter reinforcement, there can be included emptying, filling, overflow,
auxiliary, intermediate bulkheads, covers and supports.
Likewise, it can be manufactured vats of special configuration, according to client needs, that
can include inclined bottoms, trapezoidal forms, visors, etc.
We make vats and complete automatic and manual process lines for the galvanic industry with
anode and cathode bars, supports, insulators, thermostats, heaters, stirring coils and pumps.

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