The company Manuel Romeu, S.L. designs and executes turnkey installations or in collaboration with its customers in sectors that demand anticorrosive materials or special properties due to the nature of the products to be treated.

Within the industrial fabric in which we move, there are two main groups: chemical and environmental, which cover practically all the working sectors of this type of facility.


Facilities for the unloading, storage and dosing of corrosive chemicals and solvents made of thermoplastic materials that offer an optimal solution to the problems arising from the use of these raw materials for the manufacture of their products.

The main plastic materials used are polypropylene (PP), PVC, high density polyethylene (PE-HD), electroconductive polyethylene (PE-el), PVDF.

We offer a wide range of products, adapted to the needs of our customers, among which we can highlight:

  • Industrial tanks in PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PRFV and Inox
  • Pumps in thermoplastic materials, steel and alloys, according to the product to be transferred.
  • Gas washing, extraction, purification and adsorption systems
  • Mechanical Mixers or Venturi Type
  • Manual or semi-automatic packaging machines
  • Packing arms for corrosive products
  • Pneumatic conveyor for packaging
  • Protectors and special parts, machined or manipulated, in plastic materials
  • Bunded tanks and drip collection trays

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Installations in wastewater treatment plants both WWTP, DWTP, solid waste managers and recycling companies where plastic materials are needed for their operation.

Gases scrubbers (extractors, pipes, regulating butterfly valvles, …), open space coverings with polyester tramex, chemical dosing lines, storage tanks in technical and GRP plastics, pumps for liquid transfer and dosing, tower scrubbers and any type of pieces machined or manufactured according to needs of the client.


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Sometimes we have to deal with problems in the Ceramic Industry due to wear and corrosion produced by the raw pipe materials

It is an important industrial problem that generates breakages with the consequent high cost of replacement in a relatively short period of time.

Our company offers solutions against abrasion with installations made of plastic materials with a low friction index and thicknesses that allow a greater durability.

We carry out installations with all the elements mentioned in different industrial sectors ,such as galvanic, surface treatment, pharmaceutical, phytosanitary … and in general in any industry that requires plastic materials for the development of its activity.